Mathematical Logic group of Turin


Department of Mathematics "Giuseppe Peano"
University of Turin
Palazzo Campana
Via Carlo Alberto 10
10123 Turin, Italy

Research areas:

Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Descriptive Set Theory, Model theory.

Mathematical Logic Classes in Turin:

Bachelor and Master.

Mailing List:

To join the mailing list write to luca.mottoros [at] unito [dot] it.

Information for visitors:

You can find useful information about Turin and the department at this page.


  • UNESCO, in association with CIPSH, has proclaimed 14 January to be World Logic Day. To celebrate this event, AILA in association with SILFS, EATCS and UNINETTUNO has organized an online meeting accessible to everyone. The meeting will be held on 14th January at 3.00 PM at this link. More information on this and other events are available on the AILA webpage and on the CIPSH webpage.

  • After his PhD in Turin and Lausanne, Gianluca Basso won an IMPULSION post-doc position at Université Lyon 1 starting from November. Congratulation Gianluca and good work in the new university!

  • Let's welcome Salvatore Scamperti, the new PhD student in logic at the department of mathematic in Turin.

  • June 2020: Gianluca Basso successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations Gianluca!

  • February 2020: Maxwell Levine visits the mathematics department in Turin.

  • January 2020: Martina Iannella visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • December 2019: Filippo Calderoni visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • December 2019: We welcome Raphaël Carroy, who joins our logic group as a researcher.
  • October 2019: Rosario Mennuni visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • Ottobre 2019: Lorenzo Lupieri Baglini visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • Claudio Agostini wins the prize premio tesi 3+2. The prize is awarded every year by AILA for bachelor and master thesis in logic and its applications.
  • Filippo Calderoni wins the Prize premio Franco Montagna 2019. It is awarded every two years by AILA and UMI for PhD thesis on mathematical logics and applications.
  • The project PRIN2017 "Mathematical Logic: models, sets, computability" (Prot. 2017NWTM8R) has been approved by the Miur with a total co-funding of € 535.895. The PI of the project is prof. Alessandro Berarducci from the University of Pisa. The University of Turin hosts a local unit of the project (PI: Luca Motto Ros) and has been assigned a co-funding of € 148.228.
  • June 2019: Artem Chernikov visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • May 2019: Vincenzo Marra visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • May 2019: Giuseppe Rosolini visits the mathematics department in Turin.
  • The logic and teaching conference "Educare alla razionalità - L'insegnamento della matematica e della logica nella scuola secondaria" will take place in Turin at the end of May. Further information are given in the "event" section.
  • Information about upcoming PhD curses has been added to a new section of the website dedicated to courses (section still under construction).
  • Let us welcome Gianluca Paolini which joins the Logic in Turin group on a tenure track position.
  • Let's welcome the new PhD students in logic in Turin: Claudio Agostini, Eugenio Colla, and Tsvetlin Marinov.
  • The new website of Logic in Turin is up.